“a performance that will long linger in the memory.” (Australian Book Review)

“Simon Lobelson gives an extraordinary performance as Gregor, singing with steely, focused power and expending unbridled physical energy in the highly demanding role” (Man in Chair)

“Part gymnast- part actor and constantly engaged singer, he meets every challenge with panache.” (Sydney Morning Herald)
"A born performer, radiating a charm which is all but impossible to resist”

"Lobelson is powerful, charismatic and dramatic" (Sydney Arts Guide)

“Simon Lobelson’s performance is a vocal, theatrical and athletic tour de force” (Sydney Morning Herald)
Simon Lobelson
“Simon Lobelson is among the best young baritones singing today”
(Voix de Arts)

"He inhabits every inch of the stage with charismatic gravity, and his occasionally thunderous baritone…" (The Conversation)

“Buff baritone Simon Lobelson maintains exhilarating power, balance, conviction and burnished quality of voice” (Opera Chaser)
“A classy performance, his baritone finessed and honed . . . and a dab hand as an actor.” (Opera Now)

"Wild, implacable and impressive" (Sydney Morning Herald)

“his performance here is astonishing.” (Classic Melbourne)
Simon Lobelson